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Better Spaces, Better Places

We believe that happy healthy spaces start with getting the key elements right.

Carefully selected and correctly introduced into the landscape and your investment will reward you with years of enjoyment, better experiences and priceless memories. 

Get it right first time with a company who cares about your quality of outdoor living more than you do.


Water is life. Nothing survives without it.

This is why we have spent over the past 20 years working with this vital element, to better understand its complexities, benefits and value in any landscape.

We think that water in any form can benefit your outdoor living space. Whether its a natural swimming pool, wildlife pond, water feature or irrigation system, we have all the answers and solutions for you. 


Surfaces can be a real asset to your outdoor living space. For access, resting, recreation or working, your choice of surface material and design can play a big role in how your outdoor space performs.


We keep our finger on the pulse of traditional materials that stand the test of time plus look ahead to new developments and trends including best surface treatments and care.

With high performance materials like porcelain tiles and composite decking becoming more popular and therefore affordable, there has never been a better time to explore the exciting world of surfaces. We can help.  


Structures are classed as anything extending above ground level that provide a habitat, framework and 'structure' to any outdoor space.

Cabins and lodges have always been popular, more so now that many are benefiting from commuting to their gardens instead of being stuck in traffic. They also have multiple uses including gyms, entertainment suites and play zones. We can create bespoke 'one-off' habitats or best utilise 'off-the-shelf' structures.

Framing views, paths or resting spaces with structures can also be very effective, especially when foliage grows up it and its lit at night. 


Fire and heat is quite primeval. It comforts and protects. Maybe that is why so many of us seek comfort by having it in our outdoor spaces in the form of braziers, chimineas, fire pits and ovens.


We can help you integrate fire and heat into your outdoor living space whether its for cooking, comfort or simply entertaining. Its a precious element.

The options are endless and only really limited by our imagination. Thankfully we have stacks of that.  

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One of the greatest pleasures in designing and creating outdoor living spaces is seeing how nature lights it up throughout the day and the seasons.

When the sun goes down, then what. Are you making the most of your asset. Do you feel as secure as you would like. Do you have the control you would like.

The world of lighting is huge and getting bigger. Advances in LED lighting, wireless controls, 12v and new 24v low voltage 'plug & play' systems, makes it a very exciting time to look at or revisit your lighting needs.


The world of garden design is as broad as it is long. Meaning anything goes these days. So how do you know what planting is best for your outdoor space. 

There is plenty of inspiration from many sources including books, online, neighbours gardens etc. Ideally compile a list of plants that mean something to you or have a practical use for cooking or alternative medicinal treatments.

Then you will want to talk to a professional garden designer. We know a few things about plants but also work with a handful of experienced garden designers to ensure to get the best advice for your needs and help you to look after your investment in planting.

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We start any project with the end vision in mind (the why). Our ultimate destination. By crystalizing a picture of what completion looks like, everyone on board feels they can contribute at every step of the way.


The most important parts of any project, in our mind, are the beginning and the end. If planned well, the middle tends to take care of itself. That is why we spend more time than most in the design and planning stage where great inspiration and value can be found and developed. Many of our clients already have some great ideas on what they want.

By working together as one big team, the end result more often than not exceeds expectation.


We work to ensure that projects are finished well, especially those finer details that we think can make all the difference between having a good outdoor space and a truly great one. From the off we set the tone for a successful project.

But don't just take our word for it will you, hear it from some of our past clients we've been honoured to serve.

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Ambito Ltd are a design led landscaping company, drawing inspiration from some obvious and perhaps less obvious sources.


In the main though, we look towards mother nature and existing environments for clues to help create great outdoor spaces for our clients.

Never complacent we build on our knowledge and experience with every project undertaken so that we improve our offer to clients, time after time.


As you can imagine, we are enormously proud of the projects we have undertaken

and value the people we have worked with.

It's quite an honour to do something you love as a living and feel you are making a difference to peoples lives. Something we remind ourselves of regularly. We hope it comes across in our work.


Here is a taste of some ‘inspired outdoor design’ projects delivered to our lovely clients.

We would love yours to be one of them. Click on an image below to read more:

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Warren Abis set up landscape design company Ambito Ltd to explore exciting ideas, work with amazing people and create beautiful, natural landscapes inspired by ‘the great outdoors’.

“I spent most of my early years playing, learning

and being inspired by great outdoor spaces

especially around water. I now spend much of my

later years doing exactly the same whilst passing

on that love and respect for nature onto others". 


Over the years we have been fortunate enough to work with other like-minded individuals and companies on a variety of exciting, challenging and most rewarding projects. Together better, stronger and more effective.  

We continue to spend a sizeable portion of our time collaborating on new projects with these ‘A-Teams’. Experts in their own fields. From world class bespoke water features and creators of exceptional play spaces to lighting pioneers and master craftspeople. Based on mutual respect and clear understanding of the end goal, we learn much from each other and deliver some amazing work.

These healthy partnerships form part of our quest to improve on every project we undertake through shared experiences and knowledge. We never stop learning. Every day is a school day. Long may that continue.

Click below to view examples of projects we have collaborated on:

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Taking the next step for some, can be a bit scary or uncertain. Rest assured, you are in safe and experienced hands. 


We will guide you towards your ideal outdoor living space and introduce you to some caring and skilled people along the way. Above all, we aim to ensure you enjoy the creation of your

outdoor living space as well as be there to help you look after it. 

There is no charge for any initial conversations by phone or email. From there onwards we can clearly explain the further steps and pricing structure designed to fit around your needs, budget and timescales. 

Warren Abis

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Inspired Outdoor Design

Ambito Ltd is a landscape design and build company based in Gloucestershire.

Registered in the UK 101 09 322. VAT no 298 877 314.