We help realise your dream outdoors.


For nearly 20 years we have been designing, building and caring for a wide variety of unique and special outdoor spaces.

During this time we have come to realise that the route to creating ‘great outdoors’ is the ability to tune into a space and nurture ideas inspired by its natural environment. Add a little design knowledge and develop a healthy team dynamic between client, designer and ground crew, and voila !

Our open-minded, inquisitive and supportive approach asks more questions, offers more potential and enables a healthy organic process to unfold resulting in landscaped spaces beyond everyone’s expectation.

It’s an exciting and inspiring journey together.

Main pic: Oak jetty over natural swimming pond, Gloucestershire.


our purpose

Warren Abis set up landscape design company Ambito Ltd to explore exciting ideas, work with amazing people and create beautiful, natural spaces for clients, inspired by ‘the great outdoors’.

“I spent much of my early years playing, learning and being inspired by great outdoor spaces and I intend to spend much of my later years doing just the same, whilst meeting the many needs of others”.



Want to take the next step on your journey? We love questions and can maybe answer some of yours as well as ask a few. We can then develop some ideas and a plan to help you move forwards.

Loyal, trustworthy and friendly, we aim to serve your best interests and be your best companion on your journey to creating a great outdoors.

Say hello. We won’t bite.