The Ambito Story… (so far)



They say that success is more a journey than a destination. I think its a bit of both and I’ve had my fair share of successes and what some call failures. I prefer to call them lessons. For those interested, here is our story so far:



From as early as I can remember, I guess I’ve always wanted to be a ‘designer’ of one sort or another. I dreamed of being an architect on a mission to improve spaces and lives for others. So that’s where I set my sights.

However after a very successful time on a middle-management course at Leeds College of Building resulting in several offers from architecture courses around the country, having spoken to many architect students, I become increasingly uncertain of job opportunities after such a lengthy study period becoming an architect. Instead I was invited onto a new Industrial Design course at Brunel University in Surrey. Although interesting, this more engineering-led course eventually proved to be the wrong decision and I left after two years. Whilst there however, the course did teach me some invaluable lessons about the power of teamwork and collective problem-solving through design.

Next stop was Bristol and the Art & Design College’s Three Dimensional Design course. This more open-thinking environment was perfect and enabled me to experiment with my love for interior spaces. Upon graduating, still wanting to stay in Bristol but unable to secure full time design work, I went off on a bit of a tangent and worked for a large Mailing House. Whilst there I gained some professional qualifications in Direct Marketing which led me to spend several more years working for a number of agencies in this fascinating industry, which utilises behavioural data to cost effectively target goods and services to consumers. Career highlights in DM included creating a number of customer loyalty programmes for first class train travellers and Microsoft business users and a well targeted home owners welcome pack for several large estate agent chains.


However, this temporary career path was not where my heart was. One memorable day my yearning to design came calling once more and this time, with the help of a friend and an unforgettable careers book exercise (happy to share this if asked), I found my true vocation - to work with outdoor spaces. So I returned to college part-time to brush up on my garden design knowledge and practical building skills and soon after that set up my own business. I’ve not looked back since.

After eight years initially as a sole trader employing two other staff, I spent another eight years in a partnership for an award winning specialist water landscaping business. I’m now back running my own business again, which I have done for over three years, having learnt much from my previous practices and business ventures.

Challenges continue to come and lessons are constantly being learnt. Long may that continue.

As well as striving to find quality design solutions, good service has always been important to me. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Good service not only feels good when on the receiving end, it also feels good to give it. Plus it makes good business sense as you are more likely to be recommended to others.

When I first started landscaping in 2000, all of our business was generated through ‘word-of-mouth’. I also put a lot of effort into establishing good supply chains with local businesses in and around Gloucestershire.


Hailey Wood Sawmill,


August 2000

These days much of our business still comes from referrals and I’m very proud to still be working with many of those same suppliers who continue to provide excellent service and quality products at a fair price.

I’m also honoured that many of our regular clients have been with us for nearly ten years.

Career highlights in landscaping so far have included being part of an expert team delivering award-winning and ground breaking natural play areas, a sensory water garden for a children’s hospice, working on several RHS show gardens and refurbishing the UK’s first private natural swimming pond. Plus every single other ‘great outdoors’ project the team has delivered that have improved the lives of our clients (and hopefully the planet). Doing what I do, with the people I work with and for the clients we serve, is like a dream job come true.


Ambito was set up to enable people and places to grow. To help clients develop their inspired ideas. To create healthy and enjoyable environments where people can do their best work. A company that is always looking to improve itself and nurture those that work with us. To collaborate with other like-minded people. To service the various needs of our clients and in doing so embrace challenges, collectively find solutions and leave a legacy of truly ‘great outdoor spaces’.

If you like what you read and fancy being a part of the next chapter in our story, why not SAY HELLO.

Whatever you do in life, make time to enjoy The Great Outdoors.

Warren x

There was a large patch of garden, very visible from the house, which bothered me every day for a number of years. I just couldn’t work out how to make it better !

Warren and I had a chat and we looked at the area, what I wanted, height, design, surrounding visual influences etc.
We came up with a plan and started to map things out. We then followed the lines, colours, and began creating an amazing but simple design.

The new area that’s been created has had a massive impact on the whole ouline and look of the garden. Warren knows his stuff and his ability to communicate and come up with ideas and solutions is a truly creative experience with a truly beautiful impact !

Thanks Warren.