Firepits and braziers have always been popular. As people further embrace the experiences and enjoyment of ‘outdoor living’, the draw towards fire has never been greater. Used safely, it offers something for everyone.

We can help you create imaginative spaces to cook, entertain or simply unwind in.


feed a primitive need

There is something quite primitive and fascinating about fire. It represents comfort to some, protection to others. It’s a means for cooking and lighting up our lives, quite literally.

From simple firepits and braziers to larger outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens, outdoor living with fire is gaining in popularity, especially with the longer warmer summers experienced in the UK.

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We can help you design fire into your outdoor spaces and offer advice on some of the outdoor kitchen systems and pizza ovens kits we have worked with.

Embrace your primitive needs and re-light your fire.

Fire Good. Make Human Inspiration Happen.

New evidence suggests that fire may have influenced the evolution of the human mind.

The next time you find yourself lost in thought while gazing at a fire ablaze or even a solitary candle flame, consider this: Being mesmerized by fire might have sparked the evolution of the human mind.

It’s well known that fire enabled the survival of early humans by providing warmth as well as a means to cook food and forge better weapons. Yet research into cognitive evolution - a field of study that brings together psychology, anthropology, neuroscience and genetics - suggests that fire’s most lasting impact was how our responses to it altered our brains, helping endow us with capacities such as long-term memory and problem solving.

Extract from Thomas Wynn’s article for Smithsonian Magazine. Dec 2012.