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We start any project with the end vision in mind (the why). Our ultimate destination.

By crystalizing a picture of what completion looks like, everyone on board feels they can contribute.   


The most important parts of any project, in our mind, are the beginning and the end. If planned well, the middle tends to take care of itself. That is why we spend more time than most in the design and planning stage where great inspiration and value can be found and developed. Many of our clients already have some great ideas on what they want. By working together as one big team, the end result more often than not exceeds expectation.


We work to ensure that projects are finished well, especially those finer details that we think can make all the difference between having a good outdoor space and a truly great one. From the off we set the tone for a successful project. But don't just take our word for it will you, hear it from some of our past clients.

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Inspired Outdoor Design

Ambito Ltd is a landscape design and build company based in Gloucestershire.

Registered in the UK 101 09 322. VAT no 298 877 314.