Not only can a well planned irrigation system save you countless hours of manual watering, they deliver just the right amount of water to their locations at the right time of day, causing less stress for the plants and saving you money on your water bills. They also use water sensibly so should there ever be a hose-pipe ban, efficient irrigation systems are permitted, saving your garden the stress of a water drought.

The image below is of a twin feed (Duplo) and single feed battery powered timer unit together with fine mesh water filters. Anti-syphoning DB check valve devices are also fitted on each of the three lines (out of image).



To have the most cost effective irrigation system, it is always best to plan for it early on in the creation of any outdoor space. The reason for this it to allow for deep routed MDPE mains water pipe runs. These take mains water to the central control units. From there it is relatively straightforward to run secondary irrigation water pipes around the site. A water pressure test will also help work out the most effective pipe arrangements.

The control units are battery powered, which last a year before needing changing. The equipment also incorporates fine mesh filters to avoid pipe blockages from particles in the water supply and DB check values avoid dirty water syphoning back into the mains water system. A UK regulation for any watering system.

Next it is helpful to know about your watering requirements. What type of watering is needed for each location and if any of the pipework needs to be out of view. At this stage planting plans are very useful but even if not yet created, it is still wise to fit the main water supply lines and control unit, ready for the next stage.

Watering outlets are varied and include controllable drippers for containers, sprays for lawns and steady flow driplines for boarders and beds. The image below shows pressure compensating ‘Techline’ driplines spaced in rows of 300mm which sit on the surface of beds and boarders. They can also be covered with mulch.

irrigation pic.jpg

As well as fitting these systems, we also offer a Service Plan for clients in and around Gloucestershire. This includes extending the systems when required, draining down and making safe the timer and filter units before winter and reconnecting the system ahead of the summer season. We also supply as standard, easy-to-use repair kits containing spare hose and fittings should someone cut through a pipe, saving you money on any call-outs.

Ambito Ltd has installed and cares for numerous irrigation systems in private locations and commercial businesses in and around Gloucestershire.

Dear Warren and A-Team, I’m writing to thank you all so much for the irrigation watering system you installed for us back in May. With all this hot weather we’ve been having I have to say it’s been bliss to not have to spend countless hours trying to keep everything watered, especially all the pots, raised beds and everything in the greenhouse.

As you know I work away a lot so time at home and in the garden is precious. I would also like to comment on how well planned the entire system was (including my ongoing additions!), carefully fitted and nicely finished off.

I would happily recommend your first class service to any future client considering a watering system.