A well planned lighting system can enhance your outdoor space beyond belief. Modern day systems are energy efficient, wirelessly controlled and very flexible meaning they can grow as your outdoor space grows.

Lighting units on show can be beautifully presented. Equally lighting can be hidden from sight. They extend the daylight and usage of your outdoor space into night, can highlight key features like sculptures and art works, garden structures, paths or flowing water as well as provide levels of security if required.

We can help you with the design and planning side plus arrange for a qualified electrician to ensure it is all correctly connected up and tested. The images below show wirelessly controlled Hunza low energy downlights as part of a lighting scheme which included strip lighting, pole spot lights and submersible pond lighting.


enlightening outdoors

Planning any outdoor lighting system is very similar to planning for an irrigation watering system. You have a source, you have various outlets, connections between both and degrees of controllability.

With lighting it is important to understand the bigger picture and what kind of mood you are looking for. How you plan to use a space has a bearing on how you intend to light it. Security may also be a requirement.

Advances in technology mean that almost anything is possible. A wide range of beautifully designed low energy LED lighting units are now available with a huge spectrum of lighting effects and colour options.

Wireless technology means that controllability has never been easier enabling systems to be managed on your smartphone, voice-activated devices or wireless switches located around the house. It really is amazing what’s possible and we aim to keep up to speed with it.

Of course you can’t beat candles on a lovely summers evening but that coupled with a controlled lighting system, is ideal. The image below shows candles mixed with low voltage pond and wall up-lighting.