With the growing popularity of ‘outdoor living’ it is understandable that more people are wanting outdoor spaces to actually live in. Whether it’s for recreation, work or a guest lodging, outdoor buildings can make good use of space and potentially add to the value of the overall property.

From bespoke builds to adapting off the shelf kits, we can help you create your outdoor living space. The image below shows an oak framed ‘lake house’ on larch decking. It includes outdoor lighting, power and a log burner.


gimme shelter

Shelters come in all shapes and sizes. We have experience in building bespoke oak framed shelters for swimming ponds, adapting kits like Dunster House for office and storage space as well as a host of quality built sheds.

We can organise power supplies and lighting as well as heating including wood burners. It’s all a question of how you want to use the space. We start with the end in mind and work backwards towards an ideal solution.

As well as buildings, we have experience of creating other timber structures in the landscape including imaginative pergola arches, frames and screens. Whatever your outdoor living needs, we’ve got it covered.

The images below show pergola frames in two situations. The first frames amazing views across a valley and incorporates play swings. The second frames a sweeping garden path whilst creating zones in this long garden.

pergola arches.jpg
Shelter is one of our basic needs: it is a place that can protect us from the elements, keep us warm and safe, and give us the encouragement to satisfy our other needs.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, shelter is one of the requirements for addressing our physiological needs (along with the need for food, water, air, sleep and sex).