Undoubtedly a topical subject area. Apart from our belief that it’s an essential ingredient to any outdoor space, whatever size, it’s also a vital part of life. Not only is it important to wildlife, it has been proven to be really beneficial to peoples physical and mental well being. After all, we are mostly water as is our blue planet.

Water can be incorporated into the landscape in many ways. From simple ponds and water features to large lakes and swimming ponds. The possibilities are truly endless. Water features and flowing water can also be controlled wirelessly and energy efficiently. Whatever size and whatever budget, we hope you bring water into your life and landscape. The image below is a wildlife pond which also treats the households grey waste water.


take a dip or dive right in

The beauty of water in the landscape is that it can compliment everything else throughout the seasons. Water’s reflective qualities can add new perspectives to your outdoor space, create an uplifting mood, be playful, attract wildlife, benefit nature and be relatively easy to look after. Issues over safety can also be easily addressed.

We can talk extensively with you about your water thoughts and guide you through the many possible construction methods including liners and specialist rendering. From small and simple dipping ponds, water features of all shapes and sizes to larger wildlife ponds and natural swimming ponds to dive into. The image below shows a natural ‘lap’ pond being fitted with 1mm Firestone rubber liner.


We also work with play specialists to create engaging and stimulating natural water play attractions.

Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge of how to design with water and expertise in a variety of construction methods. We have nurtured healthy working relationships with some of the UK’s best water garden suppliers. Knowledge we would be happy to share with you.

For peace of mind we offer pond owners in and around Gloucestershire a Service Plan which includes pre and post season tidy ups, pump maintenance checks and pond improvement work where required. The image below shows a natural swimming pond being improved with natural stone walling and new paved floors.


Don’t worry if you are experiencing problems with your pond as we’ve also got pretty good at finding solutions.

Contact us for an initial chat and if required, we can come and visit. Whatever you chose to do with water, we are sure you will find it’s one of the best landscaping decisions you make. Not just for you but for the planet.

We wanted to create a larger wildlife pond and whilst we had our own ideas, needed guidance from an expert. So we contacted Warren at Ambito who came to see our garden, listened to our ideas and then worked with us to design, excavate and shape, then build our new pond.

Working with Warren and learning from his advice, we now have exactly what we want knowing it has been designed to be the best for wildlife and built using sympathetic materials.

We can thoroughly recommend his services.

Peter & Dawn